UVOS™ Bridge overview

The UVOS™ Bridge Conference solution is a sip based server which can easily sit on your IP voice network and trunk to one or many IP SIP enabled PBX systems. Setup is quick and easy and performed by our professional services team. Below are links to preliminary configuration data.


- Video Introduction

- UVOS Bridge tech sheet


UVOS bridge50 data entry

Return on Investment

UVOS™ Bridge aims to reduce your conferencing spend by bringing the bridge system in house. Utilise your spare PSTN connectivity and stop paying the hidden charges from external providers. Click through to review the cost comparison chart and see how the UVOS Bridge50/100 will benefit your organisation.



Products and Tools

UVA is pleased to announce the UVOS™ Bridge50/100 conference bridge based on the UVOS™ voice platform, and there are further products on the horizon - our aim is to add the features your PBX vendor has left out. We also offer a bespoke voice application service for those hard to find applications.
Introducing UVOS™ Bridge50 and Bridge100,
the enterprise class audio conference bridge for smart companies.




The UVOS™ Bridge audio conferencing system is aimed at medium sized organisations and is written with both the user and the administrator in mind. The front end is streamlined and makes provisioning and managing your accounts simple and easy.

The UVOS™ Bridge is a powerful hardened 1U appliance which is great news for your IS manager and connects back to your IP enabled PBX via sip or H.232.

There is more good news for the compliance team, as the UVOS™ Bridge50/100 records conference calls as standard, and emails the recordings to the conference moderator at the end of the call.

The UVOS™ Bridge is customisable; when you purchase a UVOS™ Bridge50/100 system you have the option to customise the multi-lingual prompts and menu options with your organisations branding and welcome messages.

The UVOS™ Bridge is offered in two versions, the Bridge50 a 50 port SME appliance and the Bridge100 a 100 port corporate edition. The UVOS™ Bridge50/100 will grow with you and additional port licences and appliances can be purchased to expand the system.

Both versions come with unlimited, ad-hoc, user accounts and have three active pins. A moderator pin, a Participant pin and a Monitor pin. This allows you conference calls to remain secured, clear and colabrative.