* Lets Talk Numbers

Whether you're looking for a None Geographic number for a customer services line or a full DDI range for the back office, UVA can help you select and manage your inbound traffic with its clever inbound voice platform. Numbers are hosted in the UVA cloud and delivered to your business with all the features you would expect from an enterprise level call distribution system.

We will work with you to select appropriate numbers from our available ranges and configure our platform to distribute inbound callers to the correct resource,it's all part of the great service.
Ranges Available:
0800 747 2000 - 2999
0843 979 0000 - 9999
0343 979 0000 - 9999


* Standard Applications

Custom IVR
Voice-mail to email
Fax to email
Time of day routing
Temporary event Numbering

* Bespoke Applications

Our in house application developers can design and build custom voice applications and host them on out cloud platform.

We can provide reporting and support to suit your needs.

UV Associates Ltd operates as a telecoms provider and as such is bound and governed by Ofcom regulations in the UK and the Communications Act 2003