Client Projects

UVA's focus is voice infrastructure services. Our small agile team project manage, design and build IPT or Trader Voice platforms.

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UVA's service portfolio includes Project Management, Design, Audit, Pen Testing, Installation, Documentation and Asset Recovery.

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UVA provide a choice of National and None Geographic inbound UK Telephone Number ranges, from a single 0844 to a full DDI range.

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Enterprise Communications is no longer just dial tone, it’s a feature rich suit of collaboration enabling applications. Voice technology is changing more rapidly now than it has in last thirty years. A silent revolution is taking place in your data centres, wiring closets, on the desk and in palm of your hand.

Voice applications are gaining pace thanks to the adoption of open standard protocols in a once proprietary dominated network. Open standard protocols and for that matter open source applications have changed the way people look at voice. Take a tour of our site and see how you can join the revolution....